Common iTech Questions

Where is iTech located?

iTech is located at 6101 Northwest 2nd Avenue in a magnificent facility that, on June 5th, 1986, was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The facility was completely renovated and updated into a state-of-the-art high school supporting the latest technology. The campus includes an auditorium, gymnasium, campus wide Wi-Fi, modern science and technology labs, as well as high-tech classrooms.

Is there transportation?

A shuttle will be provided between a Metrorail stop and iTech.  The selection of the stop will be forthcoming.  We are diligently looking at all stops to determine which one is centrally located and SAFE for our students.  Information on the Metro system can be found at Metrorail and Metromover.

Wasn’t it another school before?

Yes. The current facility has served Miami since 1928 as Dade County Agricultural High School, Miami Edison Senior High School, and Miami Edison Middle School. The history (all the way back to 1897!) of the school can be found at the Miami Edison alumni website.

Why is it named after Thomas A. Edison?

The decision to name the school after the great inventor Thomas A. Edison was decided in 1931, shortly after his death.

Why is called an Educational Center?

Rather than being restricted by the term “high school,” the decision was made to call the school an educational center as iTech will incorporate additional education options for its students, including, but not limited to dual enrollment, Advance Placement (AP) classes, industry training, internships, job shadowing, business partnerships, college preparation, etc. By broadening the name we will be able to provide students a broader exposure to educational opportunities.

What type of school is iTech?

iTech is a district-wide Magnet high school. It will serve 9th grade students in 2014-15 and add one grade per year for a complete 9th – 12th grade configuration. Students from anywhere in Miami-Dade County can apply to attend iTech. iTech will prepare students for the business world, college and beyond.

What are the entrance requirements for iTech?

iTech is an interest-base driven school. All students must apply online at: . For each year attending, the student will be required to remain for the full year.  Students are expected to have strong mathematics, science, and technology skills AND interest.


What type of student should apply to iTech?

Students who are enthusiastic about and done well in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics should apply. Students should have a strong back ground in mathematics and be computer literate. Students should be self-motivated, flexible, manage time well and able to think critically.  Students who are considering college should definitely apply.

What expectations are there for students who attend iTech?

Students who attend iTech will be expected to have internet access outside of iTech. Students attendance, effort, behavior, and academics will be expected to be highly maintained.  Additional a contract will be required.

Tablets and electronic devices at iTech?

Students are encouraged to use tablets and electronic devices at iTech.  Tablets will be used at iTech as an integral tool for student learning. Additionally, we encourage all students to have a smartphone.

Why did you chose those academies?

After reviewing numerous data sources of what types of high skill / high wage careers would be in high demand in the near and long term, it was decided that ERP, GIS, and iCode were the best choices for the students of Miami-Dade County.  Additionally, there are numerous colleges and universities that offer degrees in these fields.

Is iTech a technical school?

iTech is a technology Magnet school.  We have a rigorous curriculum (including honors, AP, and dual enrollment) that prepares students for careers, college and beyond!

Will iTech prepare me for college?

iTech has a rigorous curriculum, including honors, AP and dual enrollment courses.  By design, iTech will provide numerous opportunities for each student to be prepared for college (the student must do his/her part!).

Is there a dress code?

Yes, there is a dress code at iTech.  As iTech will prepare students for careers in the business world as well as college, it is important that the school models current trends in industry.  The dress code for both male and female students is business casual (what you would expect to wear in the business industry).  There will be days that students will be able to wear traditional casual cloths.

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