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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

For students seeking a business career path with high growth potential, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) academy offers students the opportunity to combine business process training with hands-on training in Systems Applications & Products (SAP), the management software that controls all parts of a business in a single system.

Qualified ERP professionals are in high demand and provide opportunities relevant to many exciting careers. In addition to highly paid positions in upper management, project management, and as ERP consultants and developers, career paths for an ERP professional include opportunities in human resources, manufacturing, sales and marketing, manufacturing, information technology, and finance.

The customized ERP curriculum at iTech offers students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of both functional SAP skills and the critical corporate functions that are the components of businesses. In a project-based environment that will challenge students to solve real-world problems facing businesses, students will develop the problem-solving skills, and business and software expertise that will set them apart from the competition. Students will also gain experience through internships and a solid foundation for understanding the basis of entrepreneurship.

Students will become proficient in the application of ERP software in a range of business functions that will include the following SAP modules:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)—Students develop skills in the module designed to manage information related to business personnel, including payroll and the administration and development of employees.
  • Materials Management (MM) —Students will complete tasks in the module related to the procurement process, including all tasks within the supply chain.
  • Inventory Management (IM) —Students will learn the module that controls and tracks all goods’ movements.
  • Sales and Distribution (SD) —Students will learn the sales processes in this module, including presales activities, sales order processing, shipping and billing.
  • Finance (FI) —Students will work with the module responsible for meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organization, including accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Controlling (CO) —Students will gain skills in using the module that provides supporting information to management for planning, monitoring and reporting the operations of the business.



Current Jobs

Post Secondary Opportunities

The following local public State Colleges and Universities in South Florida currently provide degrees and/or certificates that students may be interested in pursuing as they set their sights on higher pay and advancement after graduation from iTech. We at iTech want to make sure that the education you get today, will provide you a foundation for continued education in the future.


Ninth Grade

8207310Introduction to Information Technology
8215120 Business and Entrepreneurial Principles
8203310Accounting Applications

Tenth Grade

8301110Management and Human Resources
8301120Business Analysis
8215130Legal Aspects of Business

Eleventh Grade

8200340Introduction to E-Commerce
8200350 E-Commerce Entrepreneurship
8200360E-Commerce Systems Analysis and Design

Twelfth Grade

8812110Principles of Entrepreneurship
8812120Business Management and Law
8812000Business Ownership


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